About Epitopix

Epitopix owns intellectual property rights to key technologies, including SRP® Technology, involving the production of highly efficacious and safe veterinary vaccines. Epitopix performs discovery, research and development, and manufacturing of these technologies. Epitopix holds a USDA Establishment License No. 365 for the manufacture of licensed veterinary biologicals.

Epitopix’s core strengths include our microbiological expertise and capability for innovation, our broad portfolio of patents and patent applications, our large-scale manufacturing capability for SRP® Technology vaccines, and our practical approach to effective bacterial vaccine solutions for producers and veterinarians.

Epitopix values key partnerships to assist in the marketing and distribution of licensed products in the US and global animal health industries. Epitopix is a privately held company based in Willmar, Minnesota, and is an affiliate of Life-Science Innovations.

Epitopix Mission Statement
Epitopix discovers and develops original veterinary vaccines to improve animal health and food safety, building upon a foundation of proprietary SRP® technologies, in an environment that values scientific creativity.

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