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E. coli O157 Bacterial Extract

Escherichia coli Bacterial Extract became the first federally licensed vaccine against E. coli O157 in February, 2009. This vaccine is exclusively marketed and distributed in the US by Zoetis through their nationwide network. The current USDA license is conditional, and at this time sales are limited to licensed veterinarians.

INDICATIONS For use in healthy cattle 5 months of age or older to reduce prevalence of E. coli O157 carrier state, and for reduction in the amount of E. coli O157 shed in feces to minimize E. coli O157 exposure and infection of herd-mates.

DIRECTIONS Shake well before use. Administer 2 ml (1 dose) subcutaneously. Revaccinate in 2-4 weeks and again at least 6 weeks after the initial dose to complete the initial vaccination program. Revaccinate annually. Use entire contents once opened.

CAUTIONS Store at 35° to 45° (2° to 7°C) DO NOT FREEZE. Transient swelling at the injection site is commonly observed. Do not vaccinate within 60 days of slaughter. In case of allergic response, administer flunixin meglumine and/or epinephrine. Contains emulsified adjuvant, in case of self-injection seek immediate medical attention.
The product license is conditional. Efficacy and potency test studies in progress.
Technical inquires: (800) 366-5288